Fit Seniors

As a dog gets older, its needs change. In old age, our pets become more susceptible to disease and may also feel more pain. In order to optimally accompany your dog in this phase of life, cdVet offers a range of products for your senior citizen to maintain his well-being in a natural way and to support health.

Before the decision to breed is made, both parents should be examined for hereditary diseases and other genetic defects. Furthermore, the parents should be physically healthy and the owner should meet the requirements for breeding (space, financial reserves, time factor).

Kittens like it warm and cozy. They spend the first few weeks of their lives cuddled up close to their siblings and feel comfortable and safe there. After they have been taken into their new home, you should offer them lots of different, warm and cozy places to lie down.

As hobby breeders, you should familiarize yourself with and comply with applicable laws and regulations. This includes considering the welfare of the dogs, selecting suitable breeding animals, properly caring for the puppies and adhering to ethical standards.

Newborn kittens will only drink 1-2 ml in the first 72 hours, which is why they should be offered water every hour during this time. From the fourth day onwards, a rhythm of 2 hours applies both day and night.

The minimum age to buy a dog in Germany is 8 weeks. At this age, the puppies are usually weaned and able to survive without their mother. However, the puppy's social development should also be taken into account when separating from their mother.

If kittens are separated from their mother too early, this can lead to behavioral problems. The kittens should stay with their mother for at least the first 12-14 weeks so that they can learn everything vital for later life from her.

There is no set number of litters a female dog can have in her lifetime. However, too many litters can lead to exhaustion, birth complications, hormonal imbalances and other health problems.

Female dogs should be at least 15 months and no more than 8 years old to be used for breeding.