Strong and shiny coat

Proper and thorough coat and skin care is important from the beginning and should be done regularly. In this way, dandruff or itching can be prevented and the well-being of the four-legged friends is thus guaranteed. cdVet offers you various products that can simplify care and protect the animal from environmental influences

A balanced diet is essential to maintain the dog's health. The basis for this is the right supply of micronutrients to prevent deficiency symptoms. Individually tailored products for your pet can be found here.

Dental care in dogs is just as important as that of humans. Plaque, tartar or unpleasant mouth odor can be the result of poor mouth hygiene. cdVet offers great natural products for proper mouth hygiene.

High-quality dog food supports the health of your four-legged friends. The Special gently pressed production preserves all important nutrients and makes the feed particularly acceptable. Also ideal for partial barfing or a break from barfing.

Cold Pressed Dry feed

Ticks, mosquitoes, mites, worms, or fleas: they are all annoying little parasites that nest in dogs and can transmit disease. It is therefore important to ensure that the parasites do not even choose to settle in the dog.

Parasite Defence

If the gastrointestinal tract gets out of balance, it can result in skin and metabolic problems, digestive problems, or allergies. An intestinal cleansing for cleansing and rebuilding a healthy intestinal flora can support here.

Intestinal Cleansing

Tannins and bitter substances support the gastrointestinal tract in building up a hostile environment for worms. Thus, the need for chemical worm cures can be significantly reduced, which is an additional burden for the dog.

Anti-Worm Nutrition