Lacklustre coat? Scaly skin? Bald patches?

A mineral deficiency is usually first noticed in the largest organ of the body - the skin. If the appearance of your velvet paw's coat and skin change negatively, the feeding should be adapted to the individual needs of your animal as quickly as possible.

Micronutrients play an essential role in the diet!

Unlike synthetically produced products, your pet cannot be over-supplied with natural feed supplements. Only what is needed is absorbed by the body.

Mit dem speziell auf Katzen abgestimmten feliTATZ Mineral Power which is specially adapted to cats, an optimal supply is child's play.

Pure Natural Product

Individually Tailored

Made In Germany

Mineral Power

High-quality, organic nutrient provider with organic moringa, green-lipped mussel and peat

  • For a simple basic supply of minerals and vital substances in all areas
  • A natural liver of taurine - especially important for your cat
  • For the prevention of nutritional deficiencies
  • 100 % natural ingredients - made in Germany

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