Fit-Crock Classic Lamb Maxi 10 kg

Das natürliche Basisfutter für erwachsene Hunde mit Lamm - Glutenfrei!

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Product number: 4408
EAN: 4040056044081
Weight: 10.1 kg
Product information "Fit-Crock Classic Lamb Maxi 10 kg"

Complete feed for dogs

Natural, cold-pressed dry dog food with lamb - without gluten !

Fit-CROCK Classic Lamb Maxi is a purely natural dry food for dogs and contains no synthetic additives. Thus, the metabolism is not charged additionally (further cause of a so-called "food allergy"). Due to the careful processing of the feed and the high-quality ingredients is an addition of synthetic vitamins and minerals superfluous.

Fit-CROCK Classic Lamb Maxi is designed as a basic food. Balanced natural ingredients ensure a wide supply, as well as optimal nutrition naturally. The role model for us is the nature in which we orient ourselves. The moderate fat and protein content in the Fit-CROCK Classic Lamb Maxi provides an optimal nutritional basis, whereby a performance-related addition of meat (part-barf) and other suitable fresh food is often useful and well tolerated.

Why you should feed your dog with Fit-CROCK Classic Lamb Maxi: The cold-pressed food breaks down into its components in the stomach, the stomach is not overstretched (it does not swell!). Since the food must be digested intensively, the intestinal peristalsis is supported and promoted the natural colon cleansing. The manure of the dog is much firmer - this has the following advantages: The anal glands are emptied regularly (blockages are avoided) and the feces are easier to remove. The very firm chunks clean the teeth.

Composition: Maize, meat and animal by-products (13.5% lamb and sheep meal, 5% blood meal, 1.91% beef fat), rice, maize germ, beet pulp, carrots, marine fish meal, molasses, brewer‘s yeast, dairy products, natural cold pressed soybean oil, grape pips meal, linseed oil, maerl, nettle herb, birch leaf, milk thistle, dandelion, malt rootlets, seaweed meal, rosemary

Analytical constituents and levels: crude protein 19.9%, crude fat 7.2%, crude fiber 3.25%, crude ash 5.5%, calcium 1.2%, phosphorus 0.7%

Feeding recommendation as compleet feed:

Weight of dog Daily amount in g

1 - 5 kg 50 - 100 g

5 - 10 kg 100 - 200 g

10 - 20 kg 200 - 300 g

20 - 35 kg 300 - 400 g

35 - 50 kg 400 - 500 g

50 - 65 kg 500 - 600 g

The information is indicative only. Fresh water should always be available.

Animal categories: Dogs
Compound: Algae, Beet, Birch, Brewer's yeast, Carrot, Corn, Dandelion, Fish, Flax, Malt, Milk, Milk thistle, Molasses, Nettle, Rice, Rosemary, Seealgenmehl, Soja, Traubenkernmehl
Feed Profile: Hundefutter, Ballaststoffe, Aktiv & Sport, Freizeit, Zucht, BARF, Ohne Zusätze, Glutenfrei, Kaltgepresst, Fütterung
Phase of life: Juniors, Adults, Seniors
Product form: Pellets
Product type: Single feed, Complete feed
Special Requirements: Constipation, Diarrhea, Digestion, Flatulence, Hyperacidity
Die Marke Fit-Crock steht für Trockenfutter, das mit Hilfe eines schonenden Kaltpressungsverfahrens hergestellt wird. Dadurch werden die natürlichen Vitamine erhalten. Fit-Crock enthält keine synthetischen Vitamine oder Geschmacksverstärker, um den Stoffwechsel des Tieres nicht unnötig zu belasten. Ausgewogene natürliche Zutaten sorgen so für eine breite Versorgung, sowie eine optimale Ernährung auf natürlichem Wege.
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